a small selected sampling of recent work.

Sony Playstation: "Lost in Music"


This is a promotional piece for the Sony PlayStation VR "Lost in Music" campaign in 2017, produced by Ralph Creative and shot at LA Hangar Studios. I was the Director of Photography for this promo as well as the event itself, and it was amazing to work on such a beautifully-designed studio set.

Director: Andrew Knowles : Agency: Ralph

I love combining my love of scuba diving with underwater cinematography. Here is some of my underwater work, shot on Arri Alexa, Alexa Mini, F55, and A7Rii, for feature films, commercials, promos and music videos. Shot in various locations including LA, NY, CT, NC, and FL.



This speculative piece for Adidas was directed by Meg Gamez and featured an amazing, blind dancer from Charlotte, NC named Davian Robinson.

Director: Meg Gamez

Meals on Wheels: "It's More Than Just a Meal"

Branded content commercial I shot for the New York Times and Meals on Wheels, produced by the Mustache Agency. ALEXA Mini with Zeiss Super Speed MkIII lenses.

Director: Lubo Madolev : Agency: Mustache



One of a 2018 commercial series for Supercuts and the MLB that I was Director of Photography on, shot on Alexa Mini with Arri Master Prime lenses.

Director: Sam Fischer : Agency: Crash + Sues

Vidant HealthCARE: EARLY

One of a 2017 commercial series for Vidant Health that I was Director of Photography on. Shot on Arri ALEXA Mini with rehoused Kowa Cine-Prominar primes.

Director: Jason Stepanek : Agency: Jennings


Childress Vineyards: HOLIDayS

I was the cinematographer for this commercial for Childress Vineyards, owned by legendary NASCAR team owner Richard Childress. We shot this over 2 days on Alexa Mini and a classic Cooke Varotal 18-100mm lens for great-looking flares.

Director: Nicholas Bertram : Agency: Hammerhead Entertainment


This project was Vanity Fair's first ever Instagram videos, posted LIVE right after the White House Correspondent's Dinner in Washington, D.C. To see how this video was created, see this blog post. Shot on RED Epic Dragon in 5K 120 fps, with 2 moving light fixtures and a moving camera, everything had to be timed perfectly  to hit the 15-second Instagram time limit.

Director: Douglas Friedman : Agency: Conde Nast




30-second, 2018 brand spot for BEST Logistics, which I was Director/DP, shot on Arri ALEXA Mini and vintage Canon K-35 primes.

2017 brand spot for longstanding client BEST Logistics, a company providing trucking and logistics support throughout the Southeastern US.

I was both Director and DP on this shoot, using my ALEXA Mini, Arri Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses, and a high-key look.

One Main Financial: RUBBIN’S RACIN’

I was DP for a series of commercial spots for One Main Financial involving NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Elliott Sadler in a series of comedic videos. Shot on a set with two ALEXA Mini cameras and Zeiss CP.2 lenses.

Director: Chris Stanford : Agency: Hammerhead Entertainment

Toyota : only for a second

2018 National PSA for Discovery / Toyota about teen texting and driving that I DPed. Arri Alexa Mini and TLS rehoused Cooke Panchro classics primes.

Director: Mike Ring : Agency: Garden Creative



One of a series of music videos I shot featuring young rapper “Lay Lay” for Empire Records. Incorporates new technologies such as the Ronin 2 gimbal and the AntiGravity Rig to achieve Technocrane-style moves using a single operator. Shot on Alexa Mini and Tokina Vista prime lenses.

Director: Meg Gamez

"FIDDLIN" : International award-winning documentary

From 2015-2017 I had the privilege of working with two amazing sisters who directed and produced this documentary about some of the best Bluegrass and Old Time musicians in the world. "Fiddlin" has won top honors at SLO Film Fest, Worldfest Houston, Breckenridge, Real to Reel Fest, and I won Best Cinematography for it at the Madrid International Film Festival and the Women’s International Film Fest.

emma dumont x sofy “naked” commercial spot

This was a :15 second commercial for SOFY products in the Chinese market, featuring actress Emma Dumont from “The Gifted” as Marie Antionette. This spot required specific set design and lighting to match the painting, while keeping with the brand style that SOFY ads are known for. This spot was shot vertically for the mobile and web market on Alexa Mini with Tokina Vista prime lenses.