Work Samples

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Celebrity Interactions

Whether filming Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins delivering the new Madden '16 XBOX game to fans, or LA Clippers star Chris Paul's workouts, celebrity interviews with Sinbad, or large corporate events with the red carpet experience, we can cover any size production you need efficiently and professionally.

Local & National Filming Services

Imperium Productions provides filming services for production companies across the United States and worldwide. This includes companies that need filming in our local area for incorporating into larger productions. Here is one example of our work shooting the internal content of an established television business infomercial series. Imperium Provides these services not only locally, but nationwide as well.


2015 Forsyth Plastic Surgery Commercial Spot

Our returning client, Forsyth Plastic Surgery, wanted a television spot that would update their brand's look and set them apart from the rest. Using our Sony F55 we shot in "Cine-EI" mode to maximize the image's dynamic range. We utilized Canon cinema prime and zoom lenses for extra sharp clarity. Finally, we shot many of our scenes in slow-motion to enhance the production value and make their spots look different from anyone else on local television.

Faith Force Promo Video

The client needs a promo video fast. They also know exactly what they want it to look like. Imperium Productions delivers the product on time and on-budget, communicating every step of the way to ensure their vision is realized. Not only is the client impressed, but the impact on the viewers at the unveiling is significant, bringing many people out to their live events.


Imperium Productions Latest Reel

Here is the latest Imperium Productions demo reel, encompassing our work up through summer 2015. This reel shows off a variety of services that we can provide, from motion graphics and animations, to video shooting and editing, to music videos, and more. Contact us for a quote today!

Youtube Ad – Ausley’s Chevelle Parts

We turned this speculative TV spot into a :30 second Youtube ad for Ausley's Chevelle Parts, targeted specifically for Chevelle owners. It's vitally important to grab the viewer's attention within the first seconds of the video, so grabbing them with a hook is essential. Finishing off your ad with a strong call to action at the end is the formula for advertising spot success.


Product Info – Sears Garage Doors

The client needs a series of 10 videos done to explain the various features of their product. Imperium Productions meets their needs by being willing to work harder than anyone else out there. And we don't stop until the client is satisfied.



This is just a handful of the many clients I have worked with in the past.