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Kolkata, India Documentary wins Telly Award

It's hard to believe a year has passed since my trip to Kolkata, India. It was a fantastic trip and my first visit to the country, and I was able to make many new friends there. The footage from the trip has already been cut into a few videos, with more forthcoming, but in the meantime one of the fundraising videos won a Telly Award for 2016! This video focused on the feeding programs at Agape Mission School Kolkata as we try and raise money to feel all 500 children lunch at the school. You can view the link below, and donate if interested here.

Imperium Production’s New Mobile Studio

Rounding out 2015 in a big way, Imperium Productions is proud to announce our brand-new mobile studio! Our new 1-ton grip van is capable of carrying our entire lineup to your location for all production needs. Just call us and we'll be there! The mobile studio comes with a full lighting and grip package, including LED, and tungsten kits (HMI and Kino available upon request), c-stands, flags and scrims, our support package including tripods, dolly and jib, and our full camera packages capable of delivering multi-cam production on-location as needed. The truck comes standard on projects of appropriate size and scale, and is capable of operating across the continental US, wherever your production may take place.

Imperium Productions Mobile Studio

Documentary Filmmaking

This August, I had the privilege of working an amazing group of people on a documentary feature showcasing Bluegrass music, especially in the Appalachian Mountains. We attended the Galax Fiddler's Convention in Virginia, following the story of Old Time and Bluegrass music and the stories of some of the amazing musicians that attend. It was amazing to experience this timeless art form, and if really felt like you were looking through a window in time as these instruments and songs have been the same and passed down for generations.. In addition, I experienced truly some of the best pickin' I've ever seen. The most amazing part of it was probably the youth at the convention. Those kids were some of the most skilled musicians I've ever met, and it was fascinating to follow their stories as they competed - many in the adult categories! I learned a lot and came to appreciate a music that I had never really considered before.

Documentary Filmmaking Appalachia

The documentary will be made into a feature-length film, so keep an eye out here in the future for updates about this project. It's going to be really exciting. I can't wait to share some of the footage with all of you!